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Andy: I can think of at least two things wrong with calling him 'Shorty'.


Wow! What a flashback!! My brothers and I had "Cowboy Andy" as part of a series of books purchased by our grandmother. I haven't thought about this book in YEARS.

As for this selected picture - as a kid, I didn't notice anything goofy about it, but I don't think any illustrator these days would even draw such a suggestive (albeit innocent) sketch for a kids' book. The world is populated with too many pervs.


"Gladiator movies are for sissies. How would you like to go camping with a REAL cowboy, Andy?"


Is it me or does it appear that "Shorty" is pants-less in this picture?

Library Cat

"No Andy, that's not what I meant by Cowpoke!"


I want you to be sodomized like a man, with your boots on!


I can't come up with a caption --- there's just too much innuendo here. Down to Shorty's pink duvet and pink boots.

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